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Foot Care

This includes travel to your home within a 20 kilometre Radius from Orillia.

$90.00 for an initial Assessment/ treatment

$80.00 for a follow up appointment

$10.00 Ingrown nail treatment

Image of Keara holding foot care supplies and equipment.


Keara Sweet

I have been a Nurse since 2012 and a certified foot care Nurse since 2016. I am a Registered Practical Nurse, a member of the Registered Practical Nursing Association of Ontario and I have received additional education in Advanced Footcare. Footcare maintenance can be challenging for individuals with poor vision, decreased hand strength or overall flexibility to see the bottom of the feet.

Keara Sweet wearing gloves and tending to a person's foot.

Common Foot Care Issues

-overgrown nails

-Thickened nails

-Ingrown nails



-Fungal nails

-Foot odour

-Diabetic related footcare

Initial Assessment (Approx 60 minutes)

At this appointment we will get a thorough look at your current foot health. This includes your health history, medications, checking your pulse, visual examination of your feet, shoes and treatment plan. Then we will move into the treatment of reducing your nails, reduction of corns, calluses or thickened nails. Each visit ends with a foot massage to promote comfort and circulation.

Follow up (Approx 40 minutes)

Follow up visits are recommended every six to eight weeks to maintain your comfort and the health of your feet. Follow up visits include a visual examination of your feet, foot treatment (nail clipping, reduction of corns and calluses, thickened nails etc). A foot massage to end our visit and promote comfort and circulation.

Treatment of Ingrown nails are separate from routine foot care bookings. They can be booked in conjunction with routine foot care however do require more time to manage. Referrals will be provided when your care needs exceed that of a certified foot care


Keara focuses on a client’s feet as she carefully works on them.


21 Matchedash St S,

Unit #104. Orillia ON

L3V 4W4





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